//Tips for Dieting During Holidays
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Tips for Dieting During Holidays


  1. Avoid attending an event, party, festivity hungry.
  2. Take a dish you can enjoy.
  3. Prepare to give away all leftovers to your guests and if you are guest, politely decline any leftovers.
  4. When preparing food, ask your family or friends to be your testers.
  5. Use IP recipes – many available using Janeva’s cookbook.
  6. Wear a new outfit or something you love that you haven’t been able to get into until now.
  7. Mentally prepare yourself! Remind yourself of your goals – have far you have come and how temporary this phase is.
  8. Definitely love yourself more than food!
  9. Email or text your coach with any questions or for encouragement. We are here for you. At some point, we experienced the same things and survived. You are not alone!!
  10. If there is a certain dish that you just can’t resist – take it home and freeze it. Celebrate by eating it when you have reached your goals!

We hope you enjoyed these tips for dieting during holidays. Remember, your coaches will not give permission to cheat, deviate, or go off protocol. It is not up to us! This must be YOUR CHOICE, not ours. Going on and off can be hard. If you are planning to NOT follow the prescribed protocol, let us know. We want you to be safe and suffer the fewest negative consequences possible. We will honor your decisions and efforts. Let us help you plan for a great holiday season and set a successful tone for the many special holidays ahead.

If you do go off protocol, be sure to attend our Tune Up workshops in January 2016! If you have more tips for dieting during holidays, please share them in the comments below!

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