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Hi, I’m Ana Morris. I formed Ideal Change, a certified Ideal Protein clinic and weight loss program, because of my desire to share my passion for health and wellness.  A healthy body inside and out is an ideal goal I believe we all have, but at times it can be difficult to achieve. As a teenager, I can remember several times when I got really frustrated about my weight, so with my family’s support I tried several different approaches to losing weight, including various weight loss programs. In my early twenties, tired of feeling like I was “chubby,” I decided to take a more disciplined approach and change my diet (smaller portions, cutting sweets, sodas, and having very small evening meals). I lost about 25 lbs and now felt more comfortable going to a gym and exercising in front of others. Ideal Change and Ideal Protein, our weight loss program, give me a way to share that success with others, so that they too could make an Ideal Change.

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“I met the definition of obese, I was on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine…and I needed to make changes to my life. It took me 6 months to meet my goal weight…now (I’m) off my cholesterol and blood pressure medicine! I have to give credit to my Ideal Protein coach, Ana Morris, who has been with me all along throughout this journey. I can’t say enough good things about Ana other than she has been a God-send and has given me many more years of a healthy life.”
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