Our Favorite Ideal Protein Gluten Free Products

//Our Favorite Ideal Protein Gluten Free Products
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Our Favorite Ideal Protein Gluten Free Products

Ideal Protein Gluten Free

Did you know there is a gluten free approach available while on the Ideal Protein diet? In recent years, gluten-related topics and presentations are popping up in blogs, medical journals, and at weight loss clinics. Often associated with celiac disease, gluten is a protein found in wheat and related grains that causes a variety of symptoms in people sensitive to gluten. Ideal Protein has made it easy for clients to avoid gluten with a line of gluten-free products. Identified with a “gluten-free symbol,” there are over 40 Ideal Protein products engineered specifically with the protocol in mind.

Ideal Protein Gluten Free Here are three Ideal Protein gluten free products we think you are going to love.

Beef Stroganoff – When was the last time you enjoyed a little comfort food? This warm Russian classic is filled with tender beef strips, mushrooms, and onions presented in a creamy sauce. You will think you’re cheating; it’s that good!

Honey Dijon Dressing – Besides being gluten-free, the sweet and tangy taste of honey and mustard boosts the flavor and adds a dash of confidence.   The combination will compliment a salad or add interest to an entree. Get creative and add a dash to almost anything!

Raspberry Mousse – When was the last time you enjoyed a clients sweet treat that made you say, “Mmmm?” Whip up a light and fluffy dessert with the natural taste of fresh raspberry. Within just two-minutes, create a beautiful snack that tastes as good as it looks.

Remember to look for the Ideal Protein gluten free symbol on food packages. If you are just starting a gluten free diet, record and track the gluten free foods you ingest and document how they make you feel. Listen and trust your body and as always, reach out to your Ideal Protein Coach for advice and recommendations. Not a client yet? Join us for a complimentary workshop and learn how to lose weight safely and effectively.

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