Success in the Ideal Protein Maintenance Phase

//Success in the Ideal Protein Maintenance Phase
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Success in the Ideal Protein Maintenance Phase

Ideal Protein Maintenance Phase

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the final stage of the Ideal Protein program – the Ideal Protein Maintenance Phase. You’ve regained control of your life. Known as the maintenance stage, Phase 4 allows you to embrace the knowledge and healthy habits of the weight loss journey. But remember, you are not immune to weight gain, it will continue to be a conscious effort to sustain and maintain your health lifestyle. Apply the Ideal Protein philosophies often, along with a thoughtful maintenance plan, to easily sustain a healthy lifestyle during the Ideal Protein Maintenance Phase:

Make informed decisions.

Like in life, it is important to make wise choices; as in the foods you eat. As a rule of thumb, steer clear of meals that combine carbs and fats in the same setting. However, never miss or eliminate a meal, instead have an IP Meal Replacement. Just as important, keep a record of what you eat; include every bite and morsel in your journal (now available electronically through the app!). This record of consumption is your accountability to yourself.

As of May 2017, we are also offering the new tools to help you track your success. Our Ideal SmartScale and Band help you track your activity, including steps, heart rate, calories burned, and they sync together so that you can track your progress. Learn more about these two tools here.

Plan ahead.

If you find yourself eating on the run, prepare for it. Plan and prepare sensible meals based on the sustainable methodologies of Ideal Protein and pack it to go. Skipping meals is not an option. It’s much easier to control your fat and carb intake when you dine at home. Eat at home more often, this will be your greatest ally for continued success. If there is no time to prepare ahead, keep an IP Meal Replacement handy when hunger strikes.

Your day has come.

It’s called the “fun or freedom day.” During the maintenance phase, once a week you can eat (reasonably) whatever you want. Surprisingly, gratification and indulgence is a vital part of this phase. However, the day after, you MUST revert back to Phase 1 for one day. This two-day exercise enlightens your discipline to eat for pleasure and not from compulsion or emotion.

You’ve lost body fat and have maintained muscle mass during the pilgrimage to your weight loss goal. The relationship doesn’t end here; as part of your success, we offer a 12-month Ideal Lifestyle program, complete with a private coach and sessions specific to your needs. If you have questions about the Ideal Protein Maintenance Phase, talk to your coach – your success is their success.

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