All About the Ideal SmartScale & Band!

//All About the Ideal SmartScale & Band!
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All About the Ideal SmartScale & Band!


Ideal Change is so excited about the new Ideal Protein products now available to our clients! Read more about them below.

Ideal SmartScale & Band

Ideal Protein released their new Ideal SmartScale & Band on May 15th, 2017! The band is an activity tracker that comes as a wristband or clip-on. It helps you track your activity, including steps, heart rate, calories burned, and more. This is a valuable tool for all clients, including maintenance clients. Used in conjunction with Ideal Protein Complete Meal Replacements and journaling (read more about this below), the Ideal SmartScale & Band will be important for maintaining your weight loss. Read more about the importance of the maintenance phase here.

Electronic Journaling

Studies show that those who journal in Phase 1 lose more weight. With that in mind, Ideal Protein has developed a new electronic journal app that you can use on-the-go. You can journal right from your phone, no matter what phase you’re on. This app is even for maintenence clients, as journaling is so important in this phase to maintain your weight loss.

Aside from the electronic journaling, the app also has daily videos, recipes, and meal logging features! Be sure to download it from the app store or Google Play store today.

If you have questions about these new Ideal Protein developments, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are here to help!