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Ana Morris, Ideal Protein CoachHi I’m Ana Morris and I am the founder of Ideal Change, as well as an Ideal Protein coach. I formed Ideal Change because of my desire to share my passion for health and wellness.  A healthy body inside and out is an ideal goal I believe we all have, but at times it can be difficult to achieve. As a teenager I can remember several times when I got really frustrated about my weight, so with my family’s support I tried several different approaches to losing weight including various weight loss programs.  As I tried to reach my weight loss goals I found myself running into various roadblocks, too costly, to much time, inconvenient, and the biggest one, just too darn hard. In my early twenties tired of feeling like I was “chubby” I decided to take a more disciplined approach and change my diet (smaller portions, cutting sweets, sodas, and having very small evening meals).

I lost about 25 lbs and now felt more comfortable going to a gym and exercising in front of others.  So I joined a local gym and really enjoyed the feeling of a good hard work out. I used the stair master, got involved in various aerobic activities, and added strength training two to three times per week. I even met my husband at the gym who is also very health oriented and enjoys exercising. Together we push and encourage each other. Even though I had achieved my weight loss goals and felt great, there were some areas that I still wanted to improve on. I stayed on my diet, but discovered that for the long term, eating a low calorie diet and working out quite hard was not getting me to the ultimate level I still wanted. Several years ago, I was introduced to a weight-loss method that emphasizes education and understanding on what causes you to gain weight and what helps you lose weight. The method and the message made sense to me and therefore I decided to give it a try.

On my first consultation, I said that I wanted to lose 10 lbs and get my BMI within the normal range. Well, the protocol for the method emphasized a loss of 3-4 lbs a week, which meant that I would lose the weight in about a month. It was the final piece of the puzzle I was looking for. Not only did I meet my weight loss goals, I lost 5 more additional pounds lbs and my body fat % is within normal for my age group. My body was re-shaped and it targeted the areas where I had fat and I gained the muscle definition that I knew was under there but not visible because of the layer of fat. I feel great, I am energized and have increased vitality. Since my weight loss I kept saying to myself, how can I share this with everyone. Ideal Change LLC and being an Ideal Protein coach gives me a way to share that success with others, so that they too could make an Ideal Change.

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