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“I started Ideal Protein to lose Body Fat and improve my energy. On other diets I have gained and then lost and gained and lost about 30 pounds and wanted to lose the weight and maintain it for good. On Ideal Protein I lost 16 lbs. of FAT and my measurements really changed. I would totally recommend this diet to someone else.

Going through the Ideal Protein Protocol has helped me identify the way different foods impact my body physically and my mood. It gave me a process for lessening the impact of a heavy meal day on my overall weight loss.

As long as you are willing to try different foods and can get past the first few weeks this is an effective “diet” that can lead to a more healthy relationship with food and help you maintain.”

Christal Bryant

“I had gained 35-40 pound relatively slowly over the last 15 years and never have been a fan of exercising on regular basis. I had a physical done the prior year, which showed elevated cholesterol. My wife found the diet through a co-worker who had great results on it, so we went on the diet as a couple. After 3 months on the diet I had lost 35 lbs. and I absolutely would recommend this diet to anyone who wants to get healthy and lose weight.

Ideal Protein changed my life and taught me how food affects my body. It made me more conscious of food combinations and how to consume different types of food. I learned the types of food that bring on cravings and are triggered by various stressors in my life. The Ideal Protein Diet fit in with other changes we were making including studying Mindful Meditation. The feedback loop with the coaches over emails, texts and in person allowed us to explain symptoms or discomforts we had in the various stages of the diet. After going into the maintenance phase, my cravings and general desire for food is quite different. The salty cravings/chips and salsa cravings are nearly gone, but I have them maybe once a month.

The combination of the diet with body scans work well because you get insight into internal changes going on week-to-week, which do not always result in a slow and steady physical weight decline. Basically, give the diet about a month to find a sweet spot that works for you.

Adam Bryant

“Ideal Protein gave me my life back. I am no longer embarrassed to be in public and have begun reaching out to old friends. My health has improved. I am no longer ore diabetic, my cholesterol is under control and my feet no longer swell up. I am grateful for what this program has done for me.

Because of Ideal Protein I was able to lose weight at a quick pace which kept me motivated to continue. It’s not always easy but if you stay strong you can do it

Lori Morsell

*Results while following the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method may vary from person to person, or from individual to individual.

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