Our Top New Year’s Resolution Tips

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Our Top New Year’s Resolution Tips

New Year's Resolution Tips

If your New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, you are among the 22% of people who choose to lose weight as a resolution. Congratulations, your health awareness is just the beginning to your weight loss success. Here are our top new year’s resolution tips:

Make it visual.

Write down your goal(s); then read them aloud. Display your goals somewhere you can see and recite them everyday, like on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror. Take a current photograph to display along side your written goals. Watch your transformation as your progress from week to week. Watch your motivation increase as your weight decreases.   “You can do this!”

Use your support system.

If you have a moment of weakness, call your coach! Remember, with Ideal Protein, your success is our success so we will offer tips, techniques, and suggestions on the spot, to get you passed the cravings. Think of your coach as your personal trainer, and follow their lead. “Stay strong and carry on!”

Find peace with your kitchen.

One way to show your commitment to your weight loss goals is to purge the pantry. Don’t have trigger foods tucked away that may later sabotage your hard work. Clean out the pantry and donate canned goods and non-perishable snack items that aren’t in sync with your diet to your local food bank. Take a hard look at the refrigerator too; it may be hiding items that will be unproductive to your success. “Love your body more than food.”

Change old behaviors.

Replace old habits like eating while watching TV with something more productive, like preparing IP-friendly meals for the week. Or better yet, replace an undesirable habit with a new activity, like knitting or playing a musical instrument. Find what works for you, and redirect your energy and focus to something conducive to your success. “Remember, you’re worth it!”

Don’t give up.

Try not to beat yourself up if you have a movement of weakness. We are all human and we understand that no one is perfect. If you do have a slip-up, call your support team and don’t let your indiscretion be a reason to give up. “Be stronger than your excuses!”

Here’s the good news, according to New Year resolution statistics, people who actually make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t make resolutions at all. You’re already on the right path! If you have questions about our new year’s resolution tips, we’re here to answer them at Ideal Change!

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