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Following the success of our Weight Loss Challenge at the beginning of this year, we’ve decided to do another challenge, this time gearing us up for spring and summer. Join us for our Spring Exercise and Recipe Challenge! Similar to our previous challenge, we hope that creating this Ideal Protein community for you will provide the motivation and accountability that is so necessary to success. And it’ll be fun!

The way it works is easy:

  1. Let your coach know that you want to participate in the Spring Exercise and Recipe Challenge. The challenge starts on May 15th.
  2. Join our Facebook group to connect with and support other clients who are doing the challenge with you.
  3. During your weekly weigh-in, let your coach know what you’ve done that week. You’ll accumulate points for doing things you do on a regular basis, like walking, meal prepping, and more! You can check out the points breakdowns below.
  4. The people with the most points will win prizes! Check out our awesome prizes below.

Remember, it’s not about how much weight you ultimately lose, but about how committed you are to your goals and how encouraging you are to the people doing this challenge with you.

First Place Second Place Third Place
$50 Whole Foods gift card, a set of exercise bands, and a stability ball $25 Whole Foods gift card, Jeneva Cookbook $15 Whole Foods gift card, yoga mat

Points System

The winners will be determined by a points system. You will get the points below for each day you do that activity. Points can be earned by:

  • 5 Points
    • Sit on an exercise ball while you’re working
    • Stand instead of sitting while you’re at work
    • If your office has one, use the walking treadmill
    • Encourage another client in the Facebook group
  • 10 Points
    • Journal (here’s why it’s important!)
    • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
    • Sharing pictures of you cooking in the Facebook group
    • Walk instead of drive somewhere (like going out to lunch)
    • Stretch or run in place while you’re watching TV
    • Sharing pictures of your food all meal prepped for the week (read Ideal Protein’s blog post for tips on meal prepping)
  • 20 Points
    • Going out to eat & posting a picture in the Facebook group of your meal (read our blog post for tips on how to eat out on Ideal Protein)
    • Sharing a recipe in the Facebook group
    • Hit 10,000 steps on your SmartBand or Fitbit
    • Use your SmartScale & weigh yourself
  • 30 Points
    • Do physical activity for 30 minutes (you get points for each day you do it, but aim for 3 times per week)
    • Go for a walk
    • Go on the elliptical
    • Go for a bike ride
    • Play outside with your kids
    • Sleep for 7+ hours 
  • 40 Points
    • Take a yoga class
    • Take a Zumba class
    • Go for a hike
    • Go for a run
    • Go swimming
    • Try a new exercise or activity you’ve never done before (check out Ana doing aerial yoga!)
    • Get your family involved! Take your family out for a physical activity
    • Take pictures of each step of a recipe you are making so that we can turn it into a recipe video!

Did we miss anything? If you did something that’s worth a point, share with us! Odds are, we’ll give it to you, and there will be a new way for others to accomplish their goals.

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