Thinking of Taking a Diet Break? You’ll Want to Read This First

//Thinking of Taking a Diet Break? You’ll Want to Read This First
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Thinking of Taking a Diet Break? You’ll Want to Read This First

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Is it a good idea to take a break from your Ideal Protein protocol over the summer? Of course we will never recommend going off protocol, but we also want to do everything to see you succeed. We are realistic and empathetic to your schedule. Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you choose to take a diet break, consider our tips to guide you:

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning is everything! If you have a big vacation scheduled or a family reunion, set those dates aside as your “diet time-off.” To avoid a setback, stick to your timeline and plan to return to the protocol on a specific date. Even if you are going on vacation, you are going away for a week or two at a time – not the whole summer. If you are going to go off protocol, plan to only do it during your vacation. Be on the lookout for our Restart Workshops which will be held in September to help you get back on track.

Tell Your Coach

Communication is key. Once you’ve made the decision to take a diet break, the first call should be to your Ideal Protein coach. Trained and certified, our coaches can provide guidance and recommendations based on your timeline. When you are ready to resume, set up a follow-up appointment with your coach to reassess your weight-loss goal.

“Remember, results give you motivation.”
Ana Morris

Set a Trigger Weight

Focus on a strategy. If you don’t want to undo all your had work, pick a number like 5 or 10 pounds as your trigger number to take action. While on break, if you reach or exceed your trigger, your first call should be to your coach.


Knowledge is power! Take what you’ve learned so far and apply it to your current situation. It’s okay to have a cocktail with a healthy dinner, but it’s not okay to have multiple alcoholic beverages with a meal high in carbs and high in fat…but you already know that. (For a healthier alternative, check out our “mocktail” recipes for an Ideal Protein-friendly margarita and mojito!) Use common sense and the Ideal Protein philosophy, to approach weight loss as a vehicle to improve your overall health.

Continue to Journal

Keep the momentum going. Your Ideal Protein journal is not only a place to record your food intake, but it is also an outlet for thoughts, emotions, and struggles along the way. Your journal is your success story, your science project, and the key to your success. Even during your “diet time-off,” record everything you eat in your journal. It may help you identify trigger foods, rational or irrational decisions, and how it all made you feel. Reflection can be a powerful tool to bring you back to the present. Are you using the new IdealSmart app yet? Download it here for iPhone and Android. Remember that you can journal directly from the app.

Meal Replacements

While on break, don’t shy away from IP meal replacement products. They bring balance to what ever phase you’re in and help fight inconvenient hunger moments. Pack one wherever you go and feel confident knowing…you’ve got this!

After the diet break, get back on track with a call to your coach. We want to hear your triumphs and missteps along the way and together create a strategy that gets you back on track to your original goal. Are you thinking about taking a summer break from Ideal Protein? Let’s talk – contact us.

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