//The Connection Between Weight Loss and Self Esteem
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The Connection Between Weight Loss and Self Esteem

Weight Loss and Self Esteem

Let’s face it, it’s not often we get hit with a ‘body-love’ arrow. We are critical of ourselves when it comes to our physical appearance and how others perceive us, and especially so when we’re losing weight. Weight loss and self esteem seem to have a variable relationship, but love is the answer! All you need is love…the kind that makes you feel good about where you are today! Here are our tops ways to love yourself while losing weight:

  1. Give yourself a break!
    Nobody is perfect. As much as we’d like to achieve perfection, let’s face it, that is not realistic! Find your common ground where balance is more beneficial than perfection. Feel good about your decisions with your diet program, exercise, and lifestyle, especially if they are making a positive impact on your well-being. If you have a setback, learn from the experience and grow from it, never see it as failure, only an opportunity to improve.
  2. Be true to you!
    It’s easy to get caught up on images of models and celebrities that seem flawless; however, don’t be fooled by airbrushed and computer edited trickery. Embrace and celebrate your unique qualities which in return can promote healthy confidence in your appearance. Focus on your personal goal and not someone else’s perception of perfect.
  3. Give yourself a compliment each day!
    It may sound silly, but it helps put yourself in the right frame of mind to want to be and do the best for your body. It can be as simple as a congratulations for another pound lost or a kudos for completing another phase of your diet plan.
  4. Listen to your inner voice of reason.
    We all have that little voice inside reminding us to stay on track. We teach ourselves to show restraint and self-control. Rejoice in the fact you listen to that little voice and to your body; both are important to weight-loss success.
  5. Treat each day as a new start.
    Begin your day by affirming to yourself that you can do your best, in spite of what may have happened yesterday. Teach yourself that self-acceptance is a condition of the journey to weight-loss and achieving better health.

How do you see the relationship between weight loss and self esteem? Do you have a weight loss love story to share? We’d love to hear! Inspire others with your words of wisdom on your personal weight loss journey in the comments below or come listen to successful clients at our Weight Loss Workshops held every Tuesday at 6 PM.

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