//Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss
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Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

A recent study published in the Obesity, a research journal, looked at long-term weight loss, metabolism, and weight loss vs. fat loss. This study would receive additional attention, not only by the scientific world but in a publicized weight loss competition. Researchers looked at the body composition of 14 successful weight loss competition contestants during three different stages of their weight loss program: before they started the program, after completing the program, and then six years after the competition. Surprisingly, the results of the study revealed the contestants regained an average of 90 pounds over the span of six years.

Why did these contestants regain the weight? They all thought they were eating the foods thought to be appropriate for their new bodies, but it turns out the reason for the weight gain was because they had perpetually suppressed their metabolisms. Basically, they were eating sensible, but started gaining fat again.

Being in the public eye, it was disheartening for contestants to fail after achieving the weight loss goals in front of a viewing audience. On the other side, the viewer feels let down when the role model they admired falls from grace, while they too struggle with weight loss issues. Thus, we see that the contestants struggled with the weight loss vs. fat loss paradigm.

Now the good news, there is something good to come out of the publicized failure of these contestants: it emphasizes the way we think about “weight loss” in terms of a measured results and not in terms of “fat loss.” It also starts the conversation to improve healthy eating and lifestyle habits for those who struggle with weight loss.

So what have we learned about weight loss vs. fat loss? Maintaining your weight loss is not impossible. You don’t have to be on television to get the attention or results you desire. The results you seek are just a click or call away at Ideal Change, a proven approach to weight loss. Contact us TODAY to start your journey to a healthier you.

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