//Weight Watchers vs. Ideal Protein
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Weight Watchers vs. Ideal Protein

Weight Watchers vs. Ideal Protein

Are you still searching for the right diet to bring your weight under control? We’ve all been there; trying to know what works and what doesn’t can be a real challenge. Today’s diets aren’t what they used to be; with all the new technology and unlimited access to information, there is plenty to chose from. But choosing the right diet requires a little research on your part. Below is a comparison of two popular diets, Ideal Protein and Weight Watchers. You decide what approach gives you the most confidence to succeed. So, Weight Watchers vs. Ideal Protein, the showdown is on!

Ideal Protein (IP) is a medically developed weight loss program designed to eliminate carbs and lower calories; all resulting in rapid weight loss, if followed as directed. Created 25 years ago by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, he supports the belief that the body cannot burn fat as long as sugar is being consumed. There are four phases to the diet that assist stabilization of the pancreas and blood sugar levels. The Ideal Protein program is not just about losing weight but providing information about why you gain weight and how to live a healthy lifestyle after reaching your goal. Based on the principals and knowledge gained from the IP experience, clients shed unwanted weight and develop healthy habits moving forward. While on the IP diet, you are monitored by certified professionals who administer the one-on-one program to assure your success. The program has strict food guidelines, but if followed precisely, you lose weight fast and understand how to keep it off. According to Diets In Review, Ideal Protein has a user rating approval rating of 87%, making it a top choice based on customer satisfaction and the 2015 Top Diet!

Weight Watchers (WW) started 50 years ago in a living room where ladies would meet to support each other while attempting to lose weight. Since then, the program has evolved into an innovative brand with plenty of celebrity endorsements and TV commercials boasting clients success. Even after five decades, Weight Watchers still promotes the weekly group sessions but also offer private or online meetings too. Weight Watchers uses a point system allowing you to make your own choices. Unlike the Ideal Protein program, with Weight Watchers there is no formal structured plan designed just for you, it’s more of a one size fits all approach. Be patient, weight loss may take a while with this one, you are given permission to splurge or give in to cravings in moderation, which will slow diet progress considerably. Scoring a 71% user rating, Weight Watchers came in as number ten in the Top Diets of 2015, according to DietsinReview.com.

So, what are your thoughts on Weight Watchers vs. Ideal Protein? It all comes down to one question, do you want to lose weight now or later? If your answer is now, then contact Ideal Change, an official Ideal Protein clinic, and register for a free weight loss workshop and find out what you could be losing.

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